Want Change? Submit proposed changes to the Rules and Procedures of STYSA
Voting on the proposed changes will be at the Summer GBM by your elected Voting Delegates

Documents must be received by May 19 deadline.
Please follow the steps inorder to complete a successful request for your Proposed Rule Change.

STEP 1: Completely fill out the  following Document:


Rule Change Form


STEP 2: Email Complete Form to ALL  the Rules Committee:

  1. STYSA Secretary – David Buckler :  david_buckler@dell.com
  2. Chairman of the Rules Committee – Roy Smithers:  rorsmith@aol.com
  3. Executive Director STYSA State Office - Kelly Ross: Kellyr@stxsoccer.org
    *Failure to email ALL the Rules Committee, will result as an incomplete request!

Proposed rule changes are covered under South Texas  by-laws:




2.33     From time to time the Governing Board may approve Rules and Procedures for the orderly functioning and to effectuate the purposes of the Association.  Any proposals or motions to amend these Rules and Procedures must be made in writing to the Secretary, Chairman of the Standing Rules Committee, and the STYSA State Office no later than the date specified and advertised on the STYSA web site.  Proposed amendments to the Rules and Procedures of STYSA may be offered at any meeting by majority vote of the eligible Governing Board members in good standing.  However, each Governing Board member shall be given at least thirty (30) days notice in writing of the proposed amendments and their purpose.  Votes must be cast in person at the meeting or by proxy.  Amendments to the Rules and Procedures shall include an effective date.