2010 Summer GBM Rule Change Results

 Rule Change 1    Withdrawn Rule Change 6   Withdrawn Rule Change 11   Passed - EC Version
 Club Player Pass System w/o Rec Plus Types of Registration Transfer of Players
 Rule Change 2     Passed - RC Version Rule Change 7   Withdrawn Rule Change 12   Passed
 Club Player Pass System w/ Rec Plus Final Registration   Transfer of Players
 Rule Change 3     Passed - EC Version Rule Change 8   Passed Rule Change 13   Passed
 Club Definitions Miscellaneous Registration  District Tournaments
 Rule Change 4     Passed Rule Change 9   Passed Rule Change 14   Failed
 Multiple Rostering Spring, Local Season Registration Player Substitutions
 Rule Change 5     Failed Rule Change 10  Passed  
 Noise Maker Prohibition Initial Fall Registration