General Registration Information

Play-upsFor all 11-aside teams, a maximum of four U10 or younger players may be placed on any Under-11 or older team (11 aside).  For 8-aside teams in the Division I, Super II, and Division II play levels, a maximum of three U10 or younger players may be placed on any Under-11 or older team (8v8).  (Rule 



Play-downs-  No player may play in a lower or younger age division.  Medical exemption is available to players in Divisions 3 and 4.  Request must be substantiated in writing by a license physician with no family relationship to the player.  Request will be considered by STYSA Executive Committee.  (Rules 6.1.0,,,

Releases (Rule 3.10)
·        Player may request a release any time

·        Once a player is rostered to a team, a coach, manager or registrar cannot involuntarily release a player unless the situation meets one of the following situations and is properly documented:  (1)   the player has violated the rules of USSF, USYSA or STYSA; (2) the player has moved a distance too far away to make participation practical; and (3) the player is injured too severely to play. 

·        Abandonment Option.  If a club would like consideration that a player has abandoned the team, a  completed release form accompanied by detailed documentation of attempts to  reach the player must be submitted to the state office.  Each request will be reviewed by   the state registrar who will make a decision whether the player has voluntarily abandoned the team.  Player cannot be removed until a final decision is made.  Request must be made in a timely manner.

·        If a released player decides to return to his original team or any other primary team within a seasonal year, it is considered a transfer. 



Transfers (Rule 3.8)

·        Information must be complete on player transfer form (team numbers, player ID, parent and player signature, dates, etc.) and must be submitted in timely manner to registrar.  Registrar (or parent) then completes transfer online (Affinity).  Association registrar finalizes in Affinity; send email to notify him/her it is ready.  Two-fold process:  paper and online.

·        Releasing coach does not have to sign paperwork

·        No reason required

·        Definition of a Transfer (Rule 3.1.9) 

Club to Club or Association to Association Player Transfer is defined as the movement of a player from a team to which the player was initially rostered in the current seasonal year to a team in a  different Club as defined in 3.12.4.  Club to Club player transfers meet the definition of previously rostered player and will count toward the receiving team’s maximum transfer    limit.    

Internal Club Player Transfer is defined as the movement of a player from one team to another team within the sameClub.  This type of player movement does not meet the definition of previously rostered player and does not count toward the receiving team’s maximum transfer limit. 

 ·    Maximum five transfers per year on U13 and older competitive team (team going to fall  championships, cups).  Maximum three transfers per year on small sided teams (U11/12) during the course of the seasonal year.  (Rule 3.8.1)

·        Player must play in two regular scheduled, regular season games (Rule 3.8.4)

·        Transfer paperwork no longer requires penalty points to be attached.


New Players, Transfers, Interstate Permission, and International Clearance.

As of Sept. 1 2013 new certificates of insurances & goal post inspection forms will be need to be submitted for the CURRENT SEASONAL YEAR 2013-2014.  Make Sure Your Association Registrar & Insurance Comminsioner SIGN the Goal Post Inspection Form & Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Insurance Forms:Must be renewed every soccer season starting: Sept.1-Aug.31