ALL PLAYERS MUST SUBMIT A TRAVEL ITINERARY FORM.  Yes, this means players being driven to Alabama MUST SUBMIT A TRAVEL ITINERARY FORM.  If you have not already done so, CAREFULLY review the Travel Information and submit the Travel Itinerary form.

If your SON will be riding the shuttle between the airport and the university, you may use this link to pay the $25 fee online.

Click HERE to pay the SHUTTLE FEE with a credit card

Dates & Schedule

  • Boys
    • 98, 99 & 00 – July 10 to July 14
    • Holdover - 98, 99 & 00 – July 15 to July 17
    • 97, 01 & 02 – July 15 to July 19
  • Girls
    • 01 & 02 – June 28 to July 2
    • 97 & 00 – July 5 to July 9
    • 98 & 99 – July 11 to July 15


  • Boys – University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Alabama
    • Flights use Birmingham Airport
  • Girls – University of Montevallo, Montevallo, Alabama
    • Flights use Birmingham Airport
South Texas ODP Staff Flights to Alabama
...because you have asked...

Click here to reach a comlete listing of the flights on which South Texas ODP Staff are confirmed. 

You will have ample time to meet staff before boarding and therefore it is not necessary to have their names or contact information prior to departure. 

Clear Objectives for US Youth Soccer ODP

"Check out the interview with Coach Sermanni that is now playing on the home page of the US Youth Soccer website.  It gives us some clear objectives for US Youth Soccer ODP,” Sam Snow, Coaching Director, US Youth Soccer.  Click here to watch video interview with Tom Sermanni, USWNT Coach.

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