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STYSA Now Offers U6/U8 and U10/U12 Modules with ONLINE Component

Associations/Clubs are now welcome to offer their coaches a U6/U8 and U10/U12 Coaching Education Module with an ONLINE component.  The online element must be taken in conjunction with a Field Session in order for the coach to qualify for a U6/U8 or U10/U12 Coaching Certificate.  The candidate will register to attend the Field Session associated with an online course.  The online course will be available for a predetermined period prior to the date of the Field Session.  The coach will be given a link to the online element of the course and must have completed this online element prior to the deadline.  The STYSA Coaching Department will monitor the registrations and notify the coordinator/instructor of the coaches who have completed the online segment and are eligible to take the Field Session.  Only coaches who have completed the online segment by the deadline will be permitted to participate in the Field Session and thereby earn their U6/U8 or U10/U12 Coaching Certificate.


Click here for a listing of the currently available ONLINE U6/U8 and U10/U12 Courses.


Sam Snow | Be Loud When Something Goes Right!
Responsible Sports Pod Cast Series (1/4/13)

In this episode, Tina Syer, Chief Impact Officer of Positive Coaching Alliance steps in for Jim and talks with Sam Snow who joined the technical department of U.S. Youth Soccer as the Assistant Director of Coaching Education and after just one year, was promoted to his current role as the Director of Coaching Education

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Coaching Education Is Key To Player Success
The purpose of the Coaching Education and the youth modules and coach licensing courses offered by STYSA is to educate youth coaches, stimulate their interest in coaching, and help promote the game of youth soccer.  Coaching courses are intended to provide new and experienced coaches alike with up to date information that will improve their general knowledge of the game as well as provide coaching and teaching methodologies that will enhance the development of youth soccer players. All of the courses that STYSA offers can be taught in Spanish.  
Applicable rules passed by the STYSA Member Associations that define coaches and that require all youth coaches to take the appropriate course or courses for the age level of player they are coaching are as follows:
3.1.18. REGISTERED COACH means an Eligible Adult who is in compliance with the requirements of Rule 3.2.10.
Only Registered Coaches are permitted to participate in STYSA sanctioned events or games as coaches or assistant coaches (as defined in Rule 3.1.2).
To be a Registered Coach, a coach or assistant coach (as defined in Rule 3.1.2) must:
a. Register with STYSA through the STYSA Member Association having jurisdiction of the team or club for which the individual will be a coach or assistant coach;
b. Be an Eligible Adult as defined in Rule 3.1.3;
c. Hold a currently effective Coaching License or Certificate (as defined below) or obtain, within one year of initial registration as a coach, a Coaching License or Certificate; and
d. Not be suspended and not be restricted from participation by a decision of a disciplinary committee or other executive body with jurisdiction of the individual.
A “Coaching License or Certificate” means a soccer coaching license or a certificate of completion issued by a course or training program that is currently approved by the STYSA Director of Coaching. The STYSA Director of Coaching shall maintain a list of all licenses, courses, programs and vendors that are approved for purposes of this rule.
Upon failure to comply with any of the above requirements, and for the period of such noncompliance, the individual will not be a Registered Coach, will not be permitted to participate in STYSA sanctioned events or games, and shall be prohibited from future registration until proof of compliance is provided.
The STYSA Director of Coaching has approved the following courses, for the purpose of an individual who has satisfactorily completed the course and holds a valid license for that course, as being in compliance with STYSA rule 3.2.10:
1.       All STYSA coaching license courses,
2.       All US Youth Soccer coaching license courses,
3.       All US Soccer Federation coaching license courses,
4.       National Soccer Coaches Association of America coaching license courses that are equivalent to license courses in items 1, 2, and 3 above.  Equivalency will be determined by the STYSA Director of Coaching.
5.       UEFA A coaching license course
6.       UEFA B coaching license course
7.       All other coaching license courses must be submitted to the STYSA Director of Coaching for determination if the course in question will meet the purpose of being in compliance with STYSA requirements.
In all cases it is up to the individual to provide documentation, satisfactory to STYSA, to verify the license the individual holds.
Educate Yourself…………

Articles, training sessions and video links now available at the coaching education website.

As an effort to reach out to more coaches, parents and players South Texas Youth Soccer Directors of Coaching will be posting articles, training sessions and videos in an effort to educate our members.

Numerous videos can be found at including the ODP Region III boys camp as well as the Positive Parenting video series.