U10/U12 Youth Module

Cost: $40 per person 
Course Length: 6 hours of instruction (3 hours classroom, 3 hours field)
Prerequisites: None
Minimum age: 16 Years old
Testing: None
Course Description:
The course combines field and classroom instruction relevant for coaches working with 9 to 12 year old players. Course covers the most current and advanced information on the growth and development for youth players in age groups and teaches developmentally appropriate activities for children and the use of games as a vehicle for learning.  This is participatory course and each coach who completes the module will receive a certificate license. 
Topics Covered:
  • Philosophy of Coaching under 9 to under 12 players
  • Characteristics of under 9 to under 12 players.
  • Team administration and risk management
  • Prevention and care of injuries
  • Appropriate activities for under 9 to under 12 players.
  • Organizing a youth training session.
  • Laws of the Game (modified)
  • Small-sided games